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Please see our Park Map for Stage Location.  Our stage area has “lawn chair” seating area that is made up of shale (not grass).   You will want to bring a chair for the concert. Blankets are not permitted.  If you are inside the Roped-Off Seating Area you must have a lawn chair.  The area outside of the Roped-Off Seating Area is Standing Room Only.  Park grounds open at 8 a.m. Rides open at 11 a.m. Alcohol is Not Permitted. Video recorders are not permitted at the stage concerts.  Coolers are not permitted in the seating area.  Coolers can only be in the picnic area of the park at the back side of the park.

Please be courteous to fellow guests and bring a chair that is standard in size and style (without top shade structure or lounger etc.), as to not inhibit fellow guests viewing and/or our seating pattern. Park Staff will be present and may adjust seating pattern as needed, etc.  DelGrosso's Amusement Park is not responsible for items left unattended.


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