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Individual Ride Tickets

Individual Ride Tickets can be used to ride the Park Rides at DelGrosso's Park and are available for purchase at Park Ticket Booths!

Individual Ride Ticket Pricing

Individual Ride Tickets: $0.50 each
Please Note: All Park Rides require more than 1 ticket. 

3-Ticket Rides: Boats, Carouselle, Corvettes, Dizzy Dragons, Elephants, Fire Trucks, Helicopters, Kiddie Carousel, Train, Turtles, & Whales
4-Ticket Rides: Casino, Dodgems, Free Fall, Paratrooper, Pharaoh’s Fury, Scrambler, Super Spiral, Swing Buggy, Tilt-A-Whirl, Wacky Worm, & Yo-Yo
5-Ticket Rides: Crazy Mouse, Rock Star, & X-Scream Tower

Individual Ride Tickets can be purchased at any Park Ticket Booth.

Infant Admission Policy: Children under 24 months of age with complimentary Infant Wristband are admitted to the Water Park and can only ride the Carouselle and Train, when accompanied by an adult with proper admission. 

Please Note: Children under 24 months of age must have a Fun Pass wristband or Individual Ride Tickets to board any Park Rides other than the Carouselle and Train, at the Parent/Guardian's discretion. Child must meet ride height requirements and must be able to maintain upward postural control at all times.

Please Note: All Guests must have a Fun Pass Wristband to enter the Water Park and proper admission (Fun Pass Wristband or Individual Ride Tickets) for Park Rides. Guests are welcome to walk through the Main Entrance area and the Ride Side of the Park without a Fun Pass wristband (excludes Harvestfest).

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