Free Fall Family Ride at DelGrosso's Amusement Park

Family Ride

Free Fall

The Free Fall is a tower in which guests are taken to the top and dropped from different intervals. This gives riders a feeling of weightlessness each time the ride drops.


  • Must be 42" tall to ride
  • Must be 38"- 42" tall to ride with a Supervising Companion*
  • Proper Admission (Fun Pass or Ride Tickets)

*A Supervising Companion is a person that meets all the rider requirements, is at least 16 years of age, and has the ability to responsibly accompany the supervised guest in the boarding, duration, and exiting of the ride. This includes:

  • assisting the supervised guest in maintaining postural control while the ride is in motion;
  • demonstrating appropriate behavior;
  • assisting guests downstairs, catwalks, or steeply inclined ramps in the case of a ride malfunction or inclement weather.
Additional Restrictions:
  • Guests of larger size (height and/or weight) may not be able to be accommodated on this attraction due to the ride restraint system requirements;
  • Guests with prosthetic legs will be asked to remove or safely secure them on this attraction. The residual limb must be below the knee in order to ride.