Park rides and water attractions.



Ride Park Attraction Closure: X-Scream Tower

Water Park Attraction Operational Change: Due to anticipated air and water temperatures, the Laguna Splash Water Park will be Open from 1-5pm today - 6/9/23.

Water Park Reminder: We monitor both the projected daily air temperature and the water temperature of all our water attractions, in the interest of both guest and lifeguard safety.

If the temperatures do not fall within our thresholds, the Water Park may either open on an abbreviated schedule or may not open for the day.

If the operating schedule is modified, the decision will be made the morning of each day and will be posted.

Note: Reminder - DelGrosso's Park is closed Tuesdays (with the exception of Tuesday, July 4th, 2023).


Operation of the Ride & Water Park Attractions, etc. are subject to change due to crowd & weather conditions, staffing changes, or unexpected maintenance issues, etc. Closures, Rotations, or any other Operational Changes will be announced on this "Closures" page as soon as they are known. You can also call the Park Office for up-to-date information regarding the Park at (814)-684-3538 ext. 0.