Bambini Cove with the Leaning Tower of Pizza at the Laguna Splash Water Park

Water Park

Bambini Cove

Zero Entry Water Area

Bambini Cove is a great attraction for our younger guests to enjoy!

This Zero Entry Water Area is the home to our "Leaning Tower of Pisa" Water Fountain Feature and our Squiggle Water Sprayers.

This area is located on the Island around the "River Lazio" and also features the delicious Grill Americano.

Bambini Cove Life Guard at the Laguna Splash Water Park



Height Requirements: No limitations

Maximum Water Depth: Zero Entry to 2’6"

Additional Restrictions:

  • Only appropriate swimwear is permitted on the attractions. Revealing bathing suits, shorts w/ rivets, snaps, zippers, metal ornamentation, cutoffs, and jeans are not permitted.

Please Note: Only U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejackets are permitted as floatation devices. We have a full-size range of Lifejackets available free of charge to all Water Park Guests.