guests going down the Midnight Express water slide at the Laguna Splash Water Park

Water Park

Midnight Express

This enclosed slide takes you for a ride in the dark-starlight included! One of our milder thrill rides, the Midnight Express is fun for all!

Description: Midnight Express is a pipe-style tube slide that bends and twists through an open and closed black tube. Slide exits into a 3-foot, 6-inch splash pool of water.

Attire Requirements: Proper swim attire is required. Cut-off jeans, cargo/khaki shorts, pants, or any other non-swimwear is not permitted. Swim attire with exposed metal rivets, buttons, or zippers will not be permitted. Aquatic footwear (water shoes and water socks) are not permitted.

Loose Article Restrictions: Glasses (including sunglasses or prescription glasses) may be worn when secured by an eyewear strap. Loose articles, hats, electronic devices, or excessive jewelry are not permitted on this attraction.

Admission Requirements: Fun Pass

guests going down the Midnight Express water slide at the Laguna Splash Water Park



Water Depth: 3 feet, 6 inches

Height Requirements: Single riders must be at least 48” tall to ride. Guests between 42” and 48’’ tall may ride when accompanied by a Supervising Companion with Fun Pass. A Supervising Companion is a guest that is 16 years old or older and meets all ridership and admission requirements.

Health Requirements: Health Requirements: Guests with the following conditions, or any physical conditions that may be affected by the features of the ride, SHOULD NOT ride or participate in attractions that include the following health requirements posted on the Safety Guide at the entrance to each ride or attraction:

Recent Surgery, Heart Trouble or High Blood Pressure, Neck Trouble, Back Trouble, Are Pregnant, or Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol.

Weight Requirements: There is a 400-pound maximum combined weight limit.

Ridership Criteria: Weak or non-swimmers should wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejacket. Riders must transfer in and out of the tube and sit upright in a tube, while holding onto both handles. Each rider must be able to hold their head upright and have an appropriate center of gravity and maintain a seated position throughout the ride to brace themselves for entering the splash pool.

Prosthetics, Casts, & Braces: Any prosthetics with exposed metal must be removed or have the exposed metal covered with a padded material that can be secured to the prosthetic. Braces must be made from a soft material and have no metal components. Casts are permitted if they are covered with a waterproof cover or sleeve. Braces and casts must not go past the forearm. Walking boots and leg casts are not permitted.

Alternate Access: The Red Tower is not accessible by wheelchair or other mobility assistive devices. Riders must enter through the ride entrance which includes several flights of stairs and be able to wait in line and carry their double tube. Riders enrolled in the Laguna Splash Accessibility Program may see the attendant at the bottom of the stairs for alternate access.