guests enjoying the Roman Splash Bucket at the Laguna Splash Water Park

Water Park

Roman Splash Bucket

300 gallon Splash!

Come check out the huge Roman Splash Bucket! Look up, count down, and prepare to be splashed! The bucket holds 450 gallons and splashes out approx. every 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Attire Requirements: Proper swim attire is required. Cut-off jeans, cargo/khaki shorts, pants, or any other non-swimwear is not permitted. Swim attire with exposed metal rivets, buttons, or zippers will not be permitted.

Loose Article Restrictions: Cell phones and tablets are permitted when in a waterproof pouch.

Water Depth: 18 inches

Admission Requirements: Fun Pass

guests getting splashed with water from the tipping bucket.



Health Requirements: No restrictions.

Height Requirements: No height requirement to enter the attraction.

Ridership Criteria: N/A

Prosthetics, Casts, & Braces: Any prosthetics with exposed metal must be removed or have the exposed metal covered with a padded material that can be secured to the prosthetic. Braces must be made from a soft material and have no metal components. Casts are permitted if they are covered with a waterproof cover or sleeve. Braces and casts must not go past the forearm. Walking boots and leg casts are not permitted.

Alternate Access: Non-ambulatory guests may access Laguna Waterworks from the accessible ramp. Riders using wheelchairs may transfer to an aquatic wheelchair to enter the pool. An aquatic wheelchair is available for transfer use free of charge at the entrance of River Lazio. The interactive play structure is not accessible by wheelchair or any other mobility device.