Twin Twister water slide at the Laguna Splash Waterpark

Water Park

Twin Twisters

They’re twins!... or are they?

Race with a friend and decide for yourself!

Height Requirements: Must be 48” tall to ride.

Maximum Catch Pool Depth: 3’6”

child sliding down the Twin Twister water slide at the Laguna Splash Waterpark


Additional Restrictions

Guests must lay flat on their stomach, head first, and hold handles at all times. Glasses and goggles are NOT permitted to be worn on the slide. You may wear glasses while waiting in line, but a lifeguard will ask you to secure them away from your face prior to dispatch.

Only appropriate swimwear is permitted on the attractions. Revealing bathing suits, shorts w/ rivets, snaps, zippers, metal ornamentation, cutoffs, and jeans are not permitted.

Please Note: Only U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejackets are permitted as floatation devices. We have a full-size range of Lifejackets available free of charge to all Water Park Guests.

Accessibility: Must Transfer from Wheelchair/ECV. Slide access by stairs.